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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bookshop rant

Go into any bookshop and head towards the relgion section. Look for Islam and what you will find is the usual slim selection of so called material about Islam, surely with the massive increase in interest about Islam, bookshops (especially the big chains like Waterstones, Books etc)could and and do have the budget to make quality books about Islam available to the public. There are now enough publishers that produce very high quality Islamic material (Islamic Texts Society, Fons Vitae, Starlatch, Alhambra Productions) surely material from these publishers are ripe for the main stream non muslim market.

I'm not sure if it is down to the bookshops themselves that quality Islamic material isn't stocked, maybe some of the publishers above should be pushing harder to get their books into the mainstream, non Muslim hands. The fact that quality Muslim publications such as Islamica & Emel are available in mainstream bookshops is proof that breaking into the mainstream is possible.

My second gripe is -- whay are the Qurans nearly always on the lower shelves near the feet of people? Surely someone must have pointed out to the bookshops that having a Quran that low is very disrespectful, in fact for any religious book to be down near a persons feet is disrespectful. Bookshops should be mindful to keep copies of the Quran and other sacred religious texts on a higher shelf to avoid causing offence.

Rant over!


  • At 10:40 pm, Blogger Anders said…


    The words that Muhammed said – what implications has that for the truthness of Islam?
    Find the answer on the page ; click on the “Muslims”-link in the main page

    Have a nice day!
    Anders Branderud


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